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Jeeto Pakistan Help Line Number |2019 Latest Top Rated ARY Digital:jeeto helpline 03423624324

In the entire entertainment sector the most famous and top rated TV show is the Jeeto Pakistan by ARY digital. contect us kbc helpline number 03423624324. A lot of people around the globe want to be part of this game show. Expensive prizes are given to the participants. You can only join using Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number. Since it is mostly watch TV show every person wants to play the game with the one & only Fahad Mustafa (Host of the show). A show like no other in Pakistan, where the never ending entertainment and exquisite prizes keep on coming. It is a a segment-based show with lots & lots of exciting factors beyond your imagination. The only show in which almost 90% of the audience receives prizes when they leave for their homes. Nobody goes empty handed. Likewise, all the viewers who participate in the show through live calls also receive the prizes. It’s fun to be the part of the Pakistan’s biggest game show using Jeeto Pakistan helpline number.

jeeto pakistan helpline number

Jeeto Pakistan Biggest Game Show of All Time

Jeeto Pakistan is among the best game shows in the country. Unlike the similar game shows Jeeto Pakistan is on the top of the list. That’s what the stats show. Anybody of any age group can join the show and join the biggest blockbuster of entertainment. All the details are available at the Jeeto Pakistan help line number.
The show was first coined and broadcast ed in 2014 in Ramazan. Since then it has played a vital role in the TRP of the channel. That is because it was the pioneer of this flawless and entertaining concept. Since that year people has been demanding it more and more and the officials and authorities were persuaded to continue the show for the whole year, due to public’s increasing interest in it. Jeeto Pakistan helpline number.
Jeeto Pakistan was initially started in Karachi, & the head office is also located there. But, with time the show has undergone several expansion changes. Currently it is headquartered in Karachi and broadcast takes place in many other places.

Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number | ARY Live Show Call 

It is also broadcast in other cities of Pakistan i-e Islamabad. In addition to it, this show is also popular in many other countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, United States of America and United Kingdom. People their also like the show and are regular watchers. In addition to it many of them have also participated in the show. ARY jeeto Pakistan winning numbers. Now a day the best way of entertainment is the game show. People are busy in their life and they have no time for enjoyment working hour are long as compared to relaxation hour everyone is busy in making money. Jeeto pakistan game show Everybody, everywhere seems to be busy. But it is very important that you must give time to your family. Ary digital introduce a game show known as jeeto Pakistan. It is the biggest  jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019.

Win Exciting & Expensive Prizes: Get Registered Now in Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number (2019)
The exclusive launch of the show on famous TV channel ARY, was on 18th May 2014. The show is aired through Karachi, and the families and all other viewers stick to the channel at sharp 07:30 evening. And it also famous in other parts of the world.
This is a game show based on segments and has a set sequence of running.
Jeeto Pakistan Segments
Following is the set pattern of the game show. And it starts with the

Bigul Bajao Inam Pao
Jeet Ke Dikhao

Dil Waly Inam Ley jaen gy

Handi Charhao Inam Pao

Abi To Main Jawan Hu

Celebrity Guest

Car Bachao Ghar Le Jao

Khul Gai Qismat

Fakhry Pakistan

Nanny Usatd

Baat Banti Hai

Sahulat Bazar
For more information call on jeeto Pakistan helpline number.

Bigul bajao inam pao
The show starts with first segment. To the audience different gift are given by the host. This is question and answer hot segment if participants answer correctly will get a prize. The skills of audience are tested with the questions.
Jeet ke dikao
In this segment of Jeeto Pakistan different types of games are played with the audience with one goal to come out on the top. The successful completion of the segment leads to the prize distribution ceremony.
Dil Walay Inam Ley jaen gy
As the name suggest this segment is specially designed for the newlywed couples. The couples compete against each other and they have to win the competition to get the prizes. 
Handi charhao inam pao
This is the segment of cooking one who cooks well. This is the segment where the skills of women cooking are tested for. Different women compete for the exciting prizes and recognition.
Abi To Main Jawan Hoon
For elder couple this segment is introduced named as abi to main jawan hu .the elder couple from the audience will be selected and they will get the prize if they are able to prove that their love is still strong in this time of their age. Finally, the elderly couple will sing a song or tell a romantic story that will also ensure their strong relationship. The core purpose of this segment is to select the best bond of old age couple when they perform multiple activities.
Celebrity Guest
One of the mostly liked segment is this segment on stage the celebrity will join Fahad Mustafa. The guest interacts with the audience and makes the show more interesting by making the game more interesting.
Car Bachao Ghar Le Jao
This game is quite risky because the chance of winning car will be broken off if the participant answers the question wrongly, In this segment a brand new car will be gifted to the winner. The participant will answer the entire question correctly.
Khul Gai Qismat
Whoever comes up with these items wins. Your luck is in your hands. In this segment No Questions, No Games. It’s all depending on your luck.In this segment Fahad Mustafa will ask the entire audience for various random items which they may have on their hot person.
Nannay Ustad
The kids will get a chance to show their talent to the world. Nevertheless, all the juveniles are also remembered. There are different games designed that get the chance for all the kids to participate and win the exciting prizes.

Baat Banti Hai
This segment is liked by women because this segment of winning gold. Randomly participants are selected. It is the game of luck a lucky audience member will get a chance to win unexpected riches. Each box will contain a different amount of gold, if the contestant is able to guess the correct quantity and convince hot Fahad, They will be able to win the gold. Suspense is created by the host among the participants and audiences. Fahad Mustafa presented different boxes with gold in them. The quantity of gold in the box is from 3 tola -50 tola .if One box has 3 tola gold other box has 20 tola gold other box may have 50 tola gold.
Due to some limitations, not only the process of selecting people is very tough rather time taking through Jeeto Pakistan helpline number. It can almost take a year to get selected in the show. But once you enter the show, the wait really pays off.
When the viewers witness the authenticity and popularity of the show in the Jeeto Pakistan Winner List they are dying to participate in it. But it ain’t that easy!
There is a sequential process of registration in the jeeto Pakistan helpline number show and passes are issued after proper scrutiny. Previously the process of getting the passes was very vague and unclear with little information. You couldn’t apply for the passes unless you were aware of the proper procedures.
Unlike previously, everybody of (any age group, gender and location) can now apply through the jeeto Pakistan helpline number but the process simple but lengthy.
Range if Exquisite Prizes
Unlike any other game show in Pakistan, Jeeto Pakistan is the only one that have sustained its popularity efficiently. The range of gifts and prizes is one of the most lucrative factor of the show. People are lured in by exotic range of presents they offer. From the very expensive products like Gold, Cash & Cars to minute household items like LED’s and UPS.
The ranges of products offered FREE are
Expensive Items
Gold (Upto 50 Tola)
Plots in Bahria Town
Umrah Packages
Vacational Trips
Diamond Rings
Cash Prizes
Student Scholarships
Normal Prizes
Cell Phones
Branded Clothes
Branded Shoes
Washing Machines
And a lot more…….

In addition to above mentioned items there is a wide range of prizes that are given to the people who participate in the jeeto pakistan show. Jeeto pakistan list and is a tool used for the purpose of identifying the selection of the lucky candidates. Whereas, the people who try to enter the show use the jeeto Pakistan helpline number.
How to add your name in the Jeeto Pakistan Game Show
As mentioned earlier the process of registration and getting the passes for the show is very systematic i-e
Simply Open the ARY-Jeeto Pakistan Website
Sign Up (You can sign up using a simple process i-e Enter your name, add your CNIC number, and give Contact Number)
Open the jeeto pakistan game show registration form
Fill up the form correctly
If the provided information is correct and according to the proper format
Only then, the management officials call you for further proceedings
Finally, you are invited to the show and if the Host selects you randomly
Your name is added to jeeto pakistan winner list & jeeto Pakistan winning numbers & jeeto Pakistan Lottery number

WARNING!! Stay Alert of Frauds

The more the show is popular the more is the chance of frauds. In the lieu of this game show guerrilla marketers are always in search of an opportunity to manipulate the process by tricking the innocent people. They try to extract your information in the of the Jeeto Pakistan Officials by using multiple tactics.Jeeto Pakistan helpline number. The general fraudulent techniques used are:
Stay alert if someone call you saying that “We are talking from the jeeto pakistan show and you have won a prize, therefore you need to send us some carriage money to sent you that product”.
At times the same technique is used using the jeeto Pakistan fake SMS
Sometimes they might ask you to share your bank information so that they may send you the prize money that you have won through jeeto pakistan show.
Someone might tell you that your name is spotted in the jeeto pakistan winner list that is why you need to share some information.
Most of the time the con artist and the scammer may ask you to send money thorough the following ways; Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, Omni cash and Mobile Recharge
Therefore, stay alert and keep track of such frauds. Don’t be greedy. Read the proper and only procedures on the official website. And in case of any such mishap you may directly alert the management officials about the fraud. Jeeto Pakistan helpline number.

Call now on Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number for more assistance.

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